Form IO How it Works Step 1
Step 1
Create Your Project

A project contains the Resources and Forms necessary to build a Progressive application. You can create a new project from scratch or from an existing pre-built template.

Form IO How it Works Step 2
Step 2
Build Resources

Resources serve as the common data model objects required for your application.Using our simple drag-and-drop form builder interface, you can easily build the Resources for your application, which can then be used within other Forms and Resources to create complex data model relationships

Form IO How it Works Step 3
Step 3
Create Forms

Create the form interfaces that will be used within your application. Every form and resource has an automatically generated REST API associated with it!

Our form building capabilities can also be embedded within your own application so that you can offer the same powerful form building experience to your customers.

Form IO How it Works Step 4
Step 4
Trigger Actions

Each form can have an unlimited number of Actions associated with it which allows for sending Emails, 3rd Party Integrations, Authentication, and much more.

Form IO How it Works Step 5
Step 5
Go serverless!

Our form embedding technology allows you to utilize one single <formio> tag to embed a dynamic JSON powered form in your application using Angular 1, Angular 2, or React.js.

You can even directly theme the forms using simple CSS as well as hook into the data flow using our JavaScript API. This enables your application to perform complex Form and Data Management within a Progressive architecture.

Step 6

The combination of our Dynamic JSON powered forms with our 3rd party
integrations enables your application to immediately connect with the world.

Form IO How it Works Step 6

You build the app, we handle
the Form IO

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