Transparency-One, a platform for responsible supply chain sourcing, began experiencing rapid growth. They needed a flexible solution that could handle requests from global clients without interfering with their data model. To meet their short term scale-up needs quickly and integrate a flexible, long term data management solution into its platform, they turned to

Shared Requisition Service at NU

Northwestern built a centralized application called “NUcore” that reaches across the 60 plus core facilities and aggregates and centralizes all requests for bookings of specific projects, no matter what school or unit provides the service. has been seamlessly integrated into the NUcore workflow, allowing NUcore to pre-populate forms with existing customer data.


TauRes chose to reduce its manual data collection workload and to standardize the way it ingests data across all its processes. Consultants can focus more attention on the needs of their clients and less time generating paperwork or serving bureaucratic functions. TauRes estimates that the workload associated with data processing has been cut by 50 percent.


Rather than build their own forms and data ingestion algorithms, HEALTHSPLASH standardized on the platform for all their forms and data management needs. handles all their data input requirements. handles all their data input requirements as a stand-alone module similar to a modern microservice.