Form IO Open Source

At, we are dedicated to our Open Source offering and stance, and the developers who colaborate to make this platform the best Form and Data management platform on the market.


Getting started is as easy as...

git clone
cd formio
npm install
node server


At, we are proud to offer a robust Open Source platform. The following libraries can be downloaded and used with accordance to their Open Source Licenses.


Library Description URL License Type Link
formio This is the Core API Engine behind the platform. BSD - 3 Clause LICENSE
formio.js This is the front-end JavaScript renderer and SDK library. MIT LICENSE
angular-formio This is the Angular 2+ renderer and support libraries. MIT LICENSE
react-formio This is the React.js renderer and support libraries. MIT LICENSE
ngFormio This is the Angular.js renderer. MIT LICENSE
ngFormBuilder This is the Angular.js form builder. MIT LICENSE
ngFormioHelper This is the Angular.js helper libraries. MIT LICENSE
ngFormioGrid This is the Angular.js data grid. MIT LICENSE
formio-viewer A form viewer application. MIT LICENSE
formio-cli A command line application. MIT LICENSE
formio-service A node.js service SDK library. MIT LICENSE