Web Form Tools For Government

As one of the leading web form tools for government agencies, Form.io invites you to leverage the many benefits that come with this game-changing form building and data management platform.

We make complex connections simple, empowering both developers and non-developers with the ability to develop forms and complex business workflow applications both quickly and efficiently.

Form.io is different from any other form builder on the market in the fact that, not only can you easily build a form through a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, but Form.io also generates the API connections at the same time. This makes Form.io the ideal web form builder for government agencies because it:

  • Cuts down on development time and manpower. By using our software for government forms, you are able to spare your team from having to embark on the two separate development phases that come with creating online forms. Form.io allows you to focus on creating better apps and websites instead of tediously working on building forms.
  • Reduces expenses: The most effective web form tools for government agencies are those that will ultimately save you money. Through Form.io, you’re able to not only create forms and form-based applications quicker, but you can have the peace of mind that they keep your agency in compliance with accessibility regulations, helping you to avoid fees and other penalties.
  • Accelerate time to market: With Form.io as your web form builder for government agencies, you are able to put your forms to work quicker.

At Form.io, we know what’s important to our clients that belong to local government. They want clean, functional and accessible forms and apps and robust data security measures to protect the information they collect. Form.io is ready to deliver that — and more.

Get a free trial of Form.io and see why we are considered one of the premier web form tools for government agencies.