Web Form Tools For Compliance

Many industries — government agencies and educational institutions as two examples — are required by law to make the content and tools on their websites and applications accessible to everyone, making web form tools for compliance very important.

Forms are used in a variety of settings to collect information. When you use Form.io to build these forms, you can have the peace of mind that your organization will stay in compliance with all application data security and accessibility regulations.

That’s because, as your choice in web form builder for compliance, Form.io allows you to create dynamic forms and server-less, form-based web applications that render on all browsers and devices and are friendly to assistive technology, which is often used by those with disabilities.

That’s why clients from all different industries — from banking and finance, healthcare and education to the legal — rely on our software for compliance forms.

Making complex connections easy

While the compliance piece of Form.io is certainly attractive, Form.io also stands out amongst other web form tools for compliance because of how easy it is to use. Form.io empowers both developers and non-developers with the ability to use a drag-and-drop interface to build the forms.

While a user is building the form, Form.io goes to work developing the API connections as well. This gives you full control over your data, providing the opportunity to seamlessly export it to third party applications so that you can put it to good use. Our web form builder for compliance is layered with strong data security for your added peace of mind.

Make form-based web apps ultra simple to create and manage by embarking on a free trial of Form.io and see why it is widely considered as one of the most revolutionary web form tools for compliance. Connect with our team to get started.