Web Form Tools For Accessibility

Accessibility is paramount for websites and web applications, and here at Form.io, our team invites you to explore the many benefits that come with our web form tools for accessibility.

If you are incorporating a form in your website or application, it’s important that you create a dynamic, effective one that will also aid in your accessibility and compliance efforts. At Form.io, we have created a powerful form building and data management platform that we invite you to try for free.

A leading web form builder for accessibility

Companies and organizations belonging to a wide range of industries trust Form.io as their choice software for accessibility forms.

Through a drag-and-drop interface, and a feature that automatically creates the API connections to support the form, both developers and non-developers alike are able to create complex forms for form-based applications and websites.

Form.io is an industry leader because of its cutting-edge nature and general intuitiveness, which makes for a quicker development process — you can spend more time creating a better website or applications rather than tediously developing a form.

Looking for web form tools for accessibility?

Making websites and applications that are accessible to everyone who needs them is important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Avoiding the prospect of a legal complaints or issues
  • Creating better search engine optimization
  • Improving usability for all visitors
  • Facilitate the needs of the disabled

If you are creating a website or application that focuses on accessibility and compliance, gain the peace of mind that comes with Form.io as your web form builder for accessibility. Our forms render for users on all browsers and devices and can support assistive technology.

We invite you to test it out for yourself. Get a glimpse of our web form tools for accessibility by connecting with our team and arranging for a free, no-obligation trial.