Online WCAG Compliant Form Builders

Make sure that your online forms are available to everyone on the internet by utilizing online WCAG compliant form builders.

Put together by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a set of standards that certain organizations must adhere to so that everyone has equal access to their websites and applications.

Here at, we have created one of the most effective WCAG compliant template form builders, giving both developers and non-developers alike the ability to quickly and easily create complex forms and business workflows.

How is different from other online WCAG compliant form builders? stands as one of the leading WCAG compliant form companies, working with businesses and organizations of all different industries to ensure that their online forms are effective and accessible.

We empower anyone to create form-based websites and web applications through a drag-and-drop form building interface. However, one primary characteristic that makes us different from the other WCAG compliant template form builders is that, when you build a form in, you are automatically creating the API connections on the backend to support them.

This means you can customize and maintain dynamic, sever-less, form-based web applications and take full control of the information you collect. Our solution is perfect for organizations like nonprofits, federal agencies and educational institutions, all of which are beholden to WCAG standards.

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