Online GDPR Compliant Form Builders

If you are developing a form-based website or application that will be utilized to collect personal information from users in the European Union, then it’s important that you acquaint yourself with online GDPR compliant form builders.

If you don’t already know, the General Data Protection Regulation is a policy that was adopted by the European Union a few years ago and is designed to give citizens full control over their personal data.

With GDPR compliant template form builders, you are able to collect personal information, but do so in a way that keeps you in compliance with this stringent set of laws. This means that you don’t have to worry about fines or other forms of punishment.

Work with one of the leading GDPR compliant form companies

With, you can easily create forms and complex business workflows while also developing the APIs to support them on the back end. This allows you to create dynamic, serverless, form-based web applications that still adhere to the GDPR standards.

With as your choice in online GDPR compliant form builders, we give you the power to collect consent, document opt-ins and share privacy policy, all of which are important to GDPR compliance.

Through as your choice of GDPR compliant template form builders, you can cut down on development time and focus on creating better websites and web applications. Additionally, we give you the power to take control over the data you collect, providing the opportunity to export it to third party applications securely so that you can utilize it there.

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