Online Form Builders For GDPR

If your business or organization collects information from citizens of the European Union via online forms, then finding online form builders for GDPR is a must.

Implemented in 2018, GDPR – which stands for General Data Protection Regulation — was made into a law to promote stronger data security and privacy measures. Businesses that collect and store information from citizens of the EU must follow these guidelines to a ‘T’ in order to avoid costly penalties and other punishments.

That’s why online form generators for GDPR are so important. If you are creating mobile-friendly, customizable forms for your website or web application, then you need to make sure that it is equipped with the features to keep your business in compliance with GDPR.

Shopping around for online generators for GDPR forms?

With as your choice of online form builders for GDPR, you are able to have complete peace of mind when it comes to compliance and data security. In fact, is a form building and data management platform that makes it easy to create even complex forms and business workflows through a drag-and-drop interface.

At the same time, clients save additional development time as our platform automatically generates the APIs to support the forms. is one of the most effective online form generators for GDPR because it streamlines the development process and ensures that everyone has access to your form regardless of their browser type, device or even if they suffer from various disabilities ( can create forms for sites and applications that are supported by assistive technology).

Staying in compliance is important in order to avoid punishment, but it’s also a way to establish the trust of users who visit your site or use your applications. Connect with and arrange for your free trial of our platform. See why is so different from run-of-the-mill online form builders for GDPR.