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A variety of organizations are beholden by law to create websites and applications that are accessible to all segments of the population, and if these websites and apps utilize a customized form, then it’s important to use one of the best online 508 compliant form builders to develop it.

Here at, we are dedicated to helping our clients stay in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which states that all federal agencies must create websites or software that are compatible with assistive technology so that users with a wide range of disabilities can properly utilize them. is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge 508 compliant template form builders. In fact, the distinguishing feature that sets apart from a flood or other form builders on the market is that our platform allows users to create forms and generate the APIs to support them at the same time. This greatly cuts down on the time needed to create server-less applications that give you full control of your data.

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At, we work with a long list of government agencies and other clients belonging to such spaces as higher education and the nonprofit sector. We fill the need for online 508 compliant form builders that will allow our users to know when they are creating a form that is not supported by assistive technology.

Through this feature, your organization can have complete peace of mind that you are staying in compliance while properly supporting all potential users. Beyond that, as one of the top 508 compliant template form builders, helps your organization save significant time and manpower while still creating complex forms and giving you the power to wield your data, easily integrating it into legacy systems and third party applications.

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