Online Forms
Online Forms for Healthcare

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcre providers are under temendous pressure to upgrade legacy systems while also ensuring the secure handling of patient data.

Patients demand a streamlined experience that lets them interact with providers through a wide variety of devices, anytime and from anywhere. And mobile technology has empowered doctors and nurses to collect and transfer patient data in real time, but only if they have the right tools. meets the needs of healthcare providers by offering a truly mobile solution that can be accessed anywhere, even if there’s no internet connection. The flexibility of our platform allows non-technical personnel to customize even complex forms, and the auto-population feature saves time and risk for error by automatically completing the reduandant fields that are common on patient information forms.

For new patient forms, appointment scheduling, physician referrals, and other form-based applications, offers more of what healthcare organizations need from a forms solution.

Features for Healthcare Providers

Offline Access

Third-party integration

Dynamic form updates

Ability to save drafts and return to edit later Mobile-friendly interface

Flexibility for adapting complex forms Auto-population for redundant files

The Advantage

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