Our leadership team consists of three co-founders, Travis Tidwell, Gary Wetzel and Denise Kay, who have complementary experience and strengths in software & web development, sales, marketing, and business development, and technology operations and financial management.

This team has worked together for many years and represent a balanced and unified team with formidable business acumen.

Travis Tidwell
Travis Tidwell
Founding CTO

Travis Tidwell has been developing advanced enterprise software solutions for over 15 years ranging from Embedded GPS navigation products to Open Source web solutions. In 2008, he co-founded a Software development shop called Alethia where he developed and founded the popular Open Source multimedia solution called MediaFront (http://mediafront.org). He now serves as the Founding CTO of Form.io, an Enterprise Form and Data Management platform for Progressive Applications. Travis's Open Source contributions have provided him significant notoriety where he has accrued an impressive following within GitHub, YouTube, and Drupal communities. He is typically found giving presentations on Open Source technologies at camps and conferences across the nation.

Gary Wetzel
Gary Wetzel
Founding CEO

Gary Wetzel is a seasoned executive leader with an extensive technology management background, and an equal balance of CEO, CFO, and COO experience leading technology, online/SaaS, and capital equipment companies. He is an operations-oriented executive with strong technical and organizational management experience. Most recently, Gary was CFO of AllPlayers.com, where he worked with Travis and Denise on his team. Previously, he was CFO of Travelocity, CEO of Graphics Microsystems, Inc., and CFO of Von Hoffmann Corp. Gary holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Denise Kay
Denise Kay
Founding CBDO

Denise Kay is a dynamic sales and marketing executive leader, with multifaceted experience and capabilities driving market development and revenue generating programs. Denise was most recently V.P. Sales and Marketing for AllPlayers.com, and previously owned and led a software technology company from the CEO post through a restructuring and sale. Denise brings exceptional capability understanding market requirements and customer needs, and leading sales and sales support organizational resources.

The Core Team

Randall Knutson Randall Knutson

Lead Architect

Edwin Anciani Edwin Anciani

Full Stack Developer

Jeriah Henley Jeriah Henley

Customer Support | QA

William Gay William Gay

Developer Support

Angel Hu Angel Hu

Project Manager