Vue JS Form Builder

Welcome to, a revolutionary form and data management platform that can serve as an efficient Vue form builder.

The popularity of Vue, and its adaptability to other JavaScript libraries, means that more and more businesses are turning to this platform to create their business process applications.

If your applications need to collect information via a form, and empower your workforce to effectively manage and secure that data, then consider as your Vue JS form builder of choice.


Experience the cost savings of this Vue form generator

When you’re developing applications with Vue, cuts down on development processes significantly, which ultimately leads to cost savings on your company’s behalf.

When you use as a form builder for Vue JS, you are reducing two developer processes — creating the form and generating the APIs to power it. provides:

  • A drag-and-drop form builder interface
  • Full CSS and design control
  • Automatic API generation
  • Complete control over data
  • Superior security
  • And more

With as your Vue form builder, not only are you able to cut down on the cost and man hours required to complete the project, but you are able to speed up time to market.

You can manage rapid development of server-less form-based applications and easily integrate them with third party providers and legacy systems. This is an incredibly powerful tool — and we’re confident you will see its value.


A Vue JS form builder suited for all types of business is a valued asset in IT departments of a wide range of businesses — from small start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses. Business owners belonging to industries ranging from nonprofit and industrial to financial, medical and insurance rely on the power and security that comes with

Experience the power and capabilities of as a Vue form builder. Connect with our team and arrange for a free look at our exciting platform.