Online Non-Profit Template Form Builders set out to create one of the most powerful and effective online non-profit form builders available. In fact, we worked hard to create a form and data management platform that served the business process needs of a wide range of companies — from non-profit to medical, education, insurance, finance, industrial and more.

The end result is a solution that truly outshines the other options for non-profit template form builders. There is a lot to love about — it has provided a long list of benefits for our many clients, helping them to do business in a more efficient, data-driven way.

As one of the most dedicated non-profit form companies, we can safely say that is often hailed for its:

  • Simplicity: While this is one of the simplest online non-profit form builders to use in order to generate complex forms and form-based applications, that doesn’t mean the solution as a whole is simple. In fact, our users are able to address the needs of even complex business processes with the help of our platform.
  • Efficiency: It always helps when just about anyone can take the reigns of non-profit template form builders and create a form or form-based applications. This is exactly the case with, where even non-technical power users can create complex forms while automatically generates the APIs to power them. It relieves our clients of a very daunting development project.
  • Security: Non-profits deal with sensitive information. With as your choice in form builder, you are able to take control of this data by integrating our API server platform. This also ensures supreme safety and compliance with any related information security regulations.


So many business processes within a non-profit can be streamlined via forms and form-based applications. From soliciting donations online to providing team members with a way to input and store data that is key to your organization, the capabilities of can be an asset.

Make your choice in online non-profit form builders. Our team is standing by to show you through a free trial!