Online MySQL Forms Generator

Build online MySQL forms and manage your data through the power of We invite you to get more acquainted with our form and data management platform, which is proving to be a worthwhile asset for developers belonging to businesses that run the gamut in terms of industry.

Our MySQL form generator is utilized in industries ranging from healthcare and insurance to banking and financial services. With a drag-and-drop interface, makes it ultra simple and quick to build form-based business process applications. Plus, while you’re building the forms, you’re also creating the APIs that support them, thus cutting down drastically on development time.

Regardless of if you’re an established corporation or a start-up business — all types of businesses need the power and ability to collect, control and secure data and’s MySQL form builder software does exactly that.


Easy online MySQL forms

With, developers (and even non-technical personnel) are able to create server-less, form-based applications that export data to MySQL, which is one of the premier database management systems available.

Just a few of the many beneficial characteristics of our MySQL form generator include:

  • Dynamic form updates within the app without recompiling the app
  • Complex roles and permissions capabilities on a per-form basis
  • Action and conditional actions platform on a per field basis
  • Offline mode capability
  • File upload capability with file and photo upload capability
  • Form modifications by customers or non-technical internal resources
  • Comprehensive form functionality for complex business process workflows
  • Language translation capability
  • Extensibility into existing business process workflows and systems
  • Comprehensive submission data management, reporting and exporting capabilities
  • Open source core platform
  • Extensive third party API integrations
  • On-premise or private Cloud deployments
  • Dev/Stage/Prod project staging
  • Form versioning


Ultimately, aims to save companies money by boiling down a two-developer process into one, seamless process while empowering even employees that lack technical knowledge to build forms and control data.

We would love to show you how easy it is to create and launch online MySQL forms. Explore the capabilities of and contact our team if you have any questions.