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Through, legal professionals are able to develop complex forms and form-based applications through one of the leading online legal form builders. is a valued asset in the legal industry, where we provide the variety of benefits that these specific clients are searching for. They include:

  • Superior information security: This is at the top of the list for businesses that operate in the legal industry. They need legal compliance form builders that protect their sensitive data, but also empower them to export and utilize that data. As one of the leading legal form companies, provides layers of security while handling the I/O to bring your data anywhere in the world.
  • Rapid application development: As one of the easiest-to-use online legal form builders, takes the painstaking development work out of creating complex forms and form-based web applications. Through a drag-and-drop interface and automatic API generation, even non-technical power users can churn out forms and apps that are ready to be brought to market.

From mobilizing existing business process applications, to developing new ones, is an excellent resource that has completely empowered our wide range of clients to tend to this important work in-house.


Join our long list of satisfied clients’s form and data management platform isn’t reserved for the legal industry — we serve companies of all sizes and life cycles throughout a broad range of industries. This includes everything from medical, education and insurance to finance.

While the business process-specific needs of these clients might differ, these clients all recognize as one of the leading legal compliance form builders because it promotes efficient development and total control over data.

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