Online HTML Form Software is one of the premier online form generators, and a resourceful tool for any developer’s arsenal. With, businesses and organizations are able to quickly and efficiently build sever-less, form-based applications while creating the APIs that support them., all in one step.

As one of the most effective online HTML form generators, developers are able to build complex form-based workflows, and at the same time control and protect their data. Never before have you had more flexibility and capability with your forms, and control over your data than when you utilize as your online form generator software of choice. has admirably served businesses of all sizes and industry sectors that are seeking online form generators that allow them to make quick work out of even the most complex form-based business process workflows. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, two of’s most high-profile benefits include the fact that it helps save time and money on this development phase.

Following are just some of the many features that allow to stand out from the flood of other online HTML form generators.

  • Easy-to-use form builder interface producing JSON form definitions
  • Fully stateless REST API applications with full separation from app to server
  • Generating APIs and Swagger API documentation automatically from an easy-to-use and efficient drag-and-drop form-builder workflow
  • Direct injection of forms into customer applications using the <formio> directive vs. I-framing.
  • Dynamic form updates within the app without recompiling the app
  • Complex roles and permissions capabilities on a per-form basis
  • Business process workflow with form review and approval processes, based upon form states
  • Offline mode capability
  • File upload capability with file and photo upload capability
  • Language translation capability
  • Extensibility into existing business process workflows and systems is an effective solution for businesses that find themselves with all sorts of needs — from rapid application development and mobilizing existing business process web applications, to creating complex forms with conditional logic.



Further explore one of the leading online HTML form generators’s vision is to allow businesses to create complex, form-based applications quickly while allowing team members to control and secure data. These are hallmarks of truly innovative and effective online form generators. Explore to see how we cover these, and other, needs.