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From collecting payments to gathering important feedback from residents of a municipality, online government form builders are vital for creating form-based web applications that help a government entity function more intelligently and efficiently. is one of the industry-leading government compliance form builders. Our form building and data management platform serves a wide range of industries — government being one of them.

We’re excited to get you acquainted with our truly innovative platform. proudly stands as the only form builder that condenses two timely development processes — building a form and generating the APIs that power them (and, of course, bringing both together). does this in a streamlined fashion, offering users a drag-and-drop form building interface that makes it simple and quick to create a government form for companies. While the form is being created, so, too, are the APIs, ready to send the submission data to third party apps (i.e. CRMs, e-mail marketing platforms, etc.) or legacy systems where you can effectively manage it.


Progressive, form-based web applications are now easy to develop and manage

While other out-of-the-box, online government form builders and solutions promise ease of use, they can severely limit you when you encounter the need to create a truly complex form. is painfully simple to use regardless of the complexity of your forms. You’re going to get expertly coded forms and APIs while cutting down on man hours and money used to create them.

The data management capabilities are another key component of Our platform allows teams to manage and share submitted data, which updates in real time. Security is also a primary issues — especially for government entities. will prove to be one of the most secure government compliance form builders, keeping your business or organization in full compliance with existing rules and regulations.


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