Online Database Form Builder Generator Software

Collect and manage data that is key to your business by implementing smart, effective database form builder software.

Many business processes require the collection of data via forms and form-based applications. Forms become a very important resource for businesses, but they can often be cumbersome to develop. is a form and data management platform that makes it easy, thus, sparing our clients the hours of time and IT resources needed to create complex forms and form-based business process applications.

Our online database form builder allows even non-technical power users to create complex forms via a drag-and-drop form building interface. These forms also need APIs to support them, which are generally thought of as the second part of the development process.

Our database form generator eliminates this extra step, automatically generating the corresponding APIs for your form, deploying our API platform into your environment to give you complete control of your data while complying with data security and management guidelines.


Connect your data with the world

Our database form builder software makes it easy to create a form while intuitively handling your I/O needs. With our online database form builders, you are able to connect your data with third party applications and legacy systems, so it’s always where you need it. From feeding that data into your e-mailing marketing software or CRM platform, the data ends up where you want it.


Experience for your business

Companies belonging to a wide range of industries — everything from education and industrial to finance, medical, insurance and more — rely on to make quick, easy work out of developing forms and server-less form-based applications.

You can do it too by implementing within your organization. Learn more about our database form builder software and see it in action.