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If you’re looking for online banking form builders that make it ultra simple to develop a form and form-based applications, yet provides the tools to meet the needs of complex business process applications, then is a worthy investment.

Here at, we have developed a form and data management platform that is simple to use, yet, boasts features that help to meet the needs of all different business processes. This is truly one of the most powerful banking compliance form builders on the market, illustrated by the fact that financial institutions around the globe lean on our platform for a variety of form and data management needs.


Developing forms and form-based apps just got easy

Many business processes require information collection. Developing forms becomes an essential task for your IT department — but, unfortunately, creating forms and generating the APIs to power them can be cumbersome work. At least, it used to be cumbersome work.

As one of the leading banking form companies, we developed a platform that allows even non-technical power users to use a drag-and-drop interface to build a form. While you’re building the form, automatically creates the APIs to power the form.

Your team can focus on the end-user experience and functionality while our platform takes care of the I/O.


One of the best online banking form builders for complex business process applications

Many banking compliance form builders empower users to create basic forms — they might not necessarily fit the unique needs of the business. With, we give you the power to customize forms in a way that truly streamlines your business processes.

With, you can create:

  • Complex business process forms
  • Complex form-based applications
  • Multi-page forms with conditional logic
  • Multi-form conditional workflows

This all amounts to your institution saving time and resources while still equipping itself with forms and form-based applications that bring efficiency to your business processes.

Try a free trial of and see one of the leading online banking form builders in action.