FERPA Compliance Online Form Builders

Adhere to the information security regulations of the education industry by leveraging FERPA compliance form builders.

When it comes to a form builder with data security, there are a variety of solutions on the market that provide you with the opportunity to create basic forms and then manage the information collected by those forms. However, Form.io is different from these typical solutions for a number of reasons.

  • For starters, Form.io makes it ultra simple and easy to create complex forms and form-based web applications. Form.io is a form builder with API creation that allows you to build your form through a drag-and-drop interface while automatically generating these APIs. The long, resource-depleting development project is now streamlined thanks to Form.io.
  • Form.io is also a form builder with data security to meet the needs of the education industry — in addition to a wide range of other industries. As one of the leading FERPA compliance form builders, Form.io can deploy its API server platform directly into customer environments, thereby providing customers 100 percent control of their data and the ability to comply with any stringent data security requirements.

As an end result, Form.io empowers businesses in the education space to create forms and form-based business process applications and then control and secure the data. This brings superior efficiency to a variety of business processes and empowers a wide scope of individuals who are able to take on this work — not just technically-skilled power users.


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The best way to truly gauge the effectiveness of Form.io and its many capabilities is to try it out. Form.io is providing free trials of our form and data management platform to help you see how it can bring efficiency and resource savings to your industry or application. Connect with our team right now to experience one of the premier FERPA compliance form builders.