Drag And Drop Online HTML Form Builder

Save time and crucial resources with a truly innovative drag and drop HTML form builder. Form.io is a game-changing form and data management platform that empowers our wide range of clients to seamlessly build, and deploy, server-less, form-based business process applications and then effectively manage the data.

There are a wide range of out-of-the-box form building solutions on the market, but our drag and drop HTML form generator is different for a few distinct reasons.

  • Form building made easy. With Form.io, there is no more extensive coding involved with building forms for your applications. That’s because our HTML online form generator features a drag-and-drop form building interface that also gives the user full CSS and design control.
  • Building the form and its many fields is just half of the development project. Form.io simplifies the other piece — which is generating the APIs that support your forms. As you build your form with our easy-to-use interface, you’re also automatically creating the APIs to power it. Form.io can deploy its API server platform directly into customer environments, providing clients with 100 percent control of their data. This is a defining element of our drag and drop HTML form builder.
  • With Form.io and our drag and drop HTML form generator, you will also have full control of your data, with the ability to export it wherever you need. Form.io seamlessly integrates with third party providers and legacy systems. You have the power to access, analyze and share data while hugging the information security guidelines of your industry.


Form.io is a valued solution for businesses in all phases of their life cycles — from small start-ups to large corporations. We contribute to a long list of industries, too. This includes those that are governed by strict information security guidelines — medical, insurance, finance and more.

Our drag and drop HTML form builder is available for a free demo. Explore our website to learn more about Form.io’s capabilities and reach out to a team member if you have any questions.