Drag and Drop Form Builder

Welcome to the drag and drop online form builder that will transform the way that you develop applications. Here at Form.io, we pride ourselves on making complex connections simple.

We offer a combined form and data management platform that is simple to use but still ensures a quality, sophisticated final product. With Form.io, you and your business are able to create dynamic, form-based applications that empower you and your team to effectively and securely manage the data collected.

With our drag and drop form builder open source platform, we simplify the process of forming the connection with the API, where the data will be transferred. This cuts down on development time while giving you full control of your data.

Where do you want your data? With our drag and drop form generator, the data collected can be sent to:

  • Gmail
  • DropBox
  • Microsoft Office
  • SendGrid
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • And countless of other destinations

Despite sophisticated capabilities, Form.io’s drag and drop online form builder operates on a WYSIWYG interface that makes it easy to create a form exactly how you want it (see it come together). The step-by-step process is boiled down to save hours of development time.


Try out our drag and drop form builder open source platform for free

Form.io wants to show you how easy it is to both create forms and corresponding API connections in addition to giving you complete control over the data that you collect. We invite you to try our Form.io for free and under no obligation.

Our online reference materials and helpful support staff will be more than enough to equip you with what you need to create basic applications so that you can assess the power and convenience that comes with our innovative platform.

Get started now with our drag and drop online form builder. Contact the Form.io staff with any questions or concerns you might have.