Drag And Drop Angular JS Online Form Builder

Welcome — we would like to introduce you to an exciting drag and drop Angular JS form builder that will streamline and simplify the way that your business or organization develops and deploys form-based web applications.

Developing forms, and their corresponding APIs, used to be a time- and labor-intensive process for developers. Creating and launching form-based web applications was a timely process that leeched significant resources out of your IT department.

…until Form.io was born.


What is Form.io?

Form.io is considered a leading drag and drop Angular JS form generator. Form.io is a form building and data management platform that boils down two cumbersome development processes and rolls it up into one easy method of developing server-less forms.

  • This Angular JS online form generator features a drag-and-drop form builder interface. This means that the user can literally piece together their form, field by field, right on the screen. There is no complex coding work involved — the code is generated on its own, giving form building power to even those that lack a certain technical knowledge.
  • Our drag and drop Angular JS form builder also features automatic API generation. This is the other time-consuming process involved with building forms. But, with Form.io, all APIs are built automatically. Form.io deploys its API server platform directly into customer environments, providing clients with complete control over their data


So what does all this mean? As a drag and drop Angular JS form generator, Form.io is able to save time, effort, and ultimately expenses when it comes to creating forms for server-less, form-based business process applications.

Through Form.io, our diverse range of clients is able to bring applications to market quicker and meet their rapid application development needs.

You can browse our website for more technical information about our drag and drop Angular JS form builder or connect with our team for a free demo.