Cloud Based Form Builder Generator

The list of clients that currently utilize as a cloud based form builder is quickly growing, and for good reason. Our form and data management platform is proving to be a valuable asset to a wide range of clients, helping them to quickly and easily develop forms and server-less, form-based web applications.

Effectively serving as the industry’s leading cloud based form generator, proves to be an effective tool for businesses of:

  • Varying life cycles. Whether you belong to a small start-up, or operate in a large corporation, your form building and data management needs are still likely similar. is effective for businesses of all life cycles, helping them with rapid application development, mobilizing current business process applications, building complex forms, and more.
  • Many different industries. Our cloud based elastic software caters to the needs of a variety of industries. You can find as the choice form builder software for a cloud database in some of the following fields: healthcare, insurance, finance, banking, industrial, nonprofit and many more.

As you can tell from this diverse clientele, is effective in limiting expenses and resources when it comes to developing even complex forms. With our cloud based form builder, you are able to leverage the ease and simplicity of a drag-and-drag form builder interface that offers full design control.

Our cloud based form generator not only makes it easy to create a form, but it also offers automatic API generation. This boils down two developer processes down to one — and the user doesn’t have to be especially skilled in order to create even complex forms.


Utilize to collect, and control, business process data

With as your cloud based form builder, you can seamlessly create forms and form-based applications and fully control and secure the data. See how fits into your specific industry application by trying it out.