API Based Open Source Form Builder

Welcome to the premier API based form builder. Here at Form.io, we make complex connections simple, allowing you to equip your form-based business process applications with complex forms by utilizing our intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop form-builder interface.

Form.io is a truly innovative open source form builder, perfect for form-based business process apps that are common across a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, financial services, banking, insurance, compliance, and many more. Regardless of what you are looking to accomplish with your server-less form-based application, or who it is intended for, Form.io makes the process quick, easy and sophisticated.

  • Form building: From creating an application for an end user to submit, search or retrieve information, to applications that are used in-house for important business processes, Form.io provides clients with a JSON-powered drag-and-drop form builder with automatic API generation. This means you are able to integrate third party providers and legacy systems. Offline mode capabilities are also available. These forms are ultra easy to embed with a single tag.
  • Data management: With our API based form builder, you are able to efficiently and securely manage data. As an open source form builder, Form.io can allow you to export all submitted data in either CSV or raw JSON and even PDF formats. This can be exported to any of a number of applications, from business process workflow engines, to DropBox, and MailChimp or Gmail and more.

Other key features include:

  • Complex roles and permissions capabilities on a per-form basis
  • Conditional actions platform on a per field basis
  • Offline mode capability
  • File upload capability with file and photo upload capability
  • Multi-page form wizards
  • Authentication and other user ID management systems
  • Language translation capability
  • On-premise or private cloud deployments
  • Dev/stage/prod project staging
  • Form versioning
  • PDF Form Input and output


When it comes to finding the right solution for an open source web form generator, there is certainly no shortage of available options. Form.io has won over clients of all industry sectors thanks to the sophisticated and user-friendliness of our developer centric platform.

With Form.io as your API based form builder of choice, you are able to cut down on development time while enhancing the quality of your coding. You will wind up with better forms and applications, and devote less man hours to achieve it. Continue exploring our API based form builder and connect with our staff if you have any questions or concerns.